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Cash Pooling – What to look out for

Cash pooling refers to the needs-based distribution of liquid funds within a group. Surplus cash of solvent group companies is bundled into a central "pool" (an operating company) and then dis-tributed to the group companies in need of liquidity. Learn more in this article written by Christopher Schrank & Aaaron Kleinbord.

3. September 2019|

Sofortüberweisung & Co: What Happens to My Data?

The Account Information and Payment Initiation services make the payment services market more versatile, and certainly set some interesting data-protection questions. Account Information Services provide consolidated information on payment accounts, e.g. via multibanking apps. Whereas Payment Initiation Services, such as the Swedish provider Klarna, trigger online payment transactions. Written by Florian Braunauer & Katharina Anna Riedlinger.

26. August 2019|