Compliance Solutions Day 2019




The annual Compliance Solutions Day (25 September 2019) is taking place for the sixth time. This year’s motto: Calculated Risk – Compliance in Uncertain Times. The full-day conference promises orientation for effective compliance management in precarious times.

Christopher Schrank will provide information on the benefits of internal investigations coordinated with the public prosecutor’s office:

If criminal offences are committed in the company, managers are obliged to investigate them. Internal investigations are becoming an increasing phenomenon. Those who handle violations of the law internally, within the company, assisting and collaborating with the public prosecutor’s office, kill two birds with one stone. The company management minimises the reputational damage and the associated consequences for the company. At the same time, they reduce or even avoid a fine for criminal association.

Learn how to respond correctly in a corporate emergency and to steer clear of the damage!

Speaker: Christopher Schrank