APEX Digital Health Fund achieves its first closing, with the support of Brandl & Talos









In the fall of 2017, APEX Ventures announced the closing of its first venture capital fund, APEX One. In the final closing, 16 million euros were made available for early stage deep tech investments. The new APEX Digital Health Fond was expected to gain 50 million euros in capital – and the threshold for the first closing has already been reached.

After Apex One, APEX Digital Health is the second venture capital fund managed by APEX Ventures GmbH and is intended to invest in young companies with unique technologies and applications in the healthcare sector. On the way to its target fund volume of 50 million euros, APEX has already announced that it has reached the threshold for the first “Friends & Family” closing. The first investment in MindPeak, a Hamburg-based AI software developer in the field of pathology, has also already been made.

Dr. Gordon Euller, an international radiology expert, joins a management consultant from McKinsey and a successful company founder among the new partners of APEX Digital Health, to further boost the fund’s enviable team.

As already with Apex One, Brandl & Talos, under the leadership of  Roman Rericha and Markus Arzt , have successfully supported APEX in the corporate law structuring and the FMA regulatory approval procedure in Austria. With regard to the planned fundraising in Germany, Apex relied on Schnittker Möllmann Partners, led by Stephan Bank.

Roman Rericha, the founder of  Nährboden and partner at Brandl & Talos, comments: “Digital Health is growing worldwide. Due to the growing population, increasing life expectancy, and rising costs, there is a great need for new and innovative solutions in the health sector. APEX Digital Health has therefore set itself an exciting focus and is looking forward to further cooperation.”

Press contact:
Andrea Blama
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Photos: Roman Rericha & Markus Arzt