What we stand for

Act legal. Think business.

The call for specialization continues and those who find gaps in the market succeed. In banking and capital markets, we bring our negotiating strength to bear before the courts and with the authorities while in the leisure and entertainment arena, we take advantage of our comprehensive expertise in relevant transaction. Our practice is a combination of corporate law with that of one of the most experienced criminal lawyers in Austria. A thorough understanding of the business of our clients, as well as a focus on the client’s strategic vision, allows us to anticipate the needs of our clients and provide effective counsel. These strengths have made us one of the leading law firms in Austria. Our team size brings a decisive advantage, allowing us to provide tailored advice and at the same time assisting our clients in complex cases. Brandl & Talos – understanding what matters.

“What we like is they are very fast and reliable. The answers are always well-founded and ease to use, not theoretical; it’s hands on advice. They have a good knowledge of our business and what is important for us.”




Philipp Klausberger
Expert for capital markets law

Anna Smirnova
Legal Counsel


Lou Martina Weber
Expert for capital markets law