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BTP Nährboden is an initiative of Brandl & Talos which offers promising start-ups the opportunity to take advantage of expert legal advice on subsidized terms. We also offer access to our network and the prospect of networking with relevant key players and potential investors to the start-ups in our BTP culture pool.

Contact: Roman Rericha & Markus Arzt


Project details

Brandl & Talos and UniCredit Bank Austria have jointly developed a digital legal advice tool – legal certainty with just a few clicks. Legal Tech digitally processes complex legal matters for all employees of UniCredit Bank Austria, in a way that is understandable and available at all times. Using the application’s user-friendly interface, employees can enter the relevant parameters and obtain a precise overview of whether and under what conditions the respective product can be concluded. The tool can also automate the creation of contracts, and makes the processing of municipal financing requests faster and easier.

Contact: Ernst Brandl & Raphael Toman


Project details

Brandl & Talos cooperates with KERBEROS, a compliance tech company with a strong expertise in the field of money laundering prevention. Together, we offer a complete range of services, from legal advice to the implementation of measures using the state-of-the-art legal tech solutions. We assume all legal obligations and act as a one-stop-shop system and service provider, offering analysis, recommendation, implementation and legal expertise. Our goal is simple: our customers should be able to shift their focus back to their core business, without worrying about legal aspects.

Contact: Raphael Toman  & Tanja Schmid


Project details

For years, Brandl & Talos Rechtsanwälte has supported the biodiversity project „MIËLO“. Together we aim for a common goal, to create „havens“ for biodiversity and sustainability, by making sure to keep agricultural areas free from pesticides. Within the last years, Brandl & Talos Rechtsanwälte has contributed to the creation of a habitat of more than 140 football fields for insects and animals that feed on them. A symbol of this success is the very own MIËLO honey, which is produced by Ernst Brandl’s bees in his especially bee-friendly honey farm.

Contact: Ernst Brandl