Capital Markets

Our clients have big plans. To turn these plans into projects takes a good financing team with sophisticated lawyers to get through the jungle of the capital markets. Every type of transaction in the capital markets is in good hands with us, not just the classic transactions such as IPOs, acquisitions, recapitalizations and bond issuances, as we develop unique solutions for project financing in any sector (including the renewable energy sector).

“This small firm is developing an excellent name in capital markets and is particularly praised by clients for the amount of partner involvement in deals.”

(Legal 500)

Banking and Security Supervision Law

The financial crisis has brought the banking sector into the focus of various supervisory bodies. The legislature has tightened requirements and compliance has taken on a new importance. This means advice in many legal areas, particularly in the context of financial market supervision, has become increasingly important.

“This banking regulatory and litigation boutique has developed its capabilities in white-collar criminal law and advises banks on compliance at all levels.”

(Chambers Europe)

Gambling, Europe and E- Commerce

The rising popularity of social networks is one of the trends that help to explain the popularity of social games. These have a certain affinity with gambling, but the differences are nevertheless crucial. After more than 10 years of close cooperation with the world’s largest listed online gaming company, we understand these differences: in Austria, at the European level and internationally.

“Thomas Talos’ gaming industry knowledge is second to none. He thinks like an entrepreneur, and is very supportive and commercially minded in his advice.”

(Chambers Europe)


Company transactions are often strategically driven and involve the movement of large volumes of capital with a cross-border character. In addition to private equity, capital markets have gained importance in financing. This also helps to explain the increasing legal complexity of transactions.

“Sources emphasize the team’s pronounced economic understanding, very high speed of work, clear communication and excellent negotiation support.

(Chambers Europe)

White-Collar Crime

Recent large cases involving white-collar crime show the increased sensitivity to economic misconduct and the tendency to prosecute such misconduct under existing legislation while expanding the scope of relevant legislation. Organizations need to adapt their compliance regulations and keep their internal risk management in mind.  For over a decade, our expertise in the capital markets and corporate law stands guard to our clients’ business and private lives. Our experienced team provides top-tier representation in commercial and accounting disputes, and effective defence in white-collar crime matters.

“The team has considerable expertise of white-collar crime mandates related to banking, finance and capital markets. Clients include several leading Austrian banks as well as high-level individuals.”

(Chambers Europe)


The word ‘compliance’ is on everyone’s lips. In the literal sense, this is understood as law-abiding behaviour. This sounds simple, or does it? ‘Do not do what you don’t want to see in the papers or what you would be ashamed of in front of your family,’ may be the well-intentioned advice of a manager to his employees, but compliance is much more than just an effort to prevent an offence being committed.

“The team has excellent knowledge of the law and is also fun to work with. It does not just tell us what does not work, but finds a way for us to come to a solution that is legally viable and commercially meaningful.”

(Chambers Europe)

Litigation and Arbitration

Processes tie up resources and create costs. That’s why we carry out our mandate in two ways: (1) we develop measures and processes to reduce risk and (2) we prevent matters from expanding beyond the scope of the initial conflict while working to resolve them out of court whenever possible. If representation before the courts becomes inevitable, we objectively prepare for the encounter and argue objectively and efficiently. And so that our clients do not to have to fight on two fronts, we also provide the necessary “litigation PR.”

“Ernst Brandl is an extremely sharp lawyer, and has good contacts in the banking sector. It is a pleasure to work with him.”

(Chambers Europe)